Product Review -

Recently I was asked by if I would like to test one of their products and provide an honest review. I had never heard of Zor and I suspect, at the moment, many others won’t have either. So here are a few details about the company. started in 2015 in Anderlecht, Belgium and their business is photographic printing on Aluminium, Acrylic and Forex (PVC sheets and high density foam). They have now become one of France’s leading provider of photographic printing services and ship to over 20 countries. The real eye catching aspect initially was the price and are very passionate about this..

“We believe that everybody should afford a high quality print at a fair price” was the quote during the first communication with them. Very good, I thought, but at a low price and for such materials, could the quality be that good?

As a photographer, it’s always nice to see your work on a wall. However, the perfectionist in me means that I won’t settle for just any old print – it’s my work so I want it displayed in a way for it to look it’s very best.

So I chose a product to test and agreed to review and publish my findings.

The product I chose was the 60cm x 40cm Zor-Alu which is the aluminium based photographic print. I looked at competitors including some big named online printing companies and for the equivalent product the average price was around £70 (plus P&P) which is generally what I would have expected. priced this product at EUR 15.99, so about £14.00 (plus P&P). Immediately I was a little sceptical about what I would be receiving for such a low price.

I decided to choose an image that would test the quality of the printing and colour reproduction. The image was a close-up (abstract style) shot of a rusted and decaying 1947 Ford Truck, taken recently during a trip to California. The image had been processed with high clarity and boosted saturation so that the detail of the worn, flaking paintwork and rust created an almost painting like effect – perfect to see how these guys fared!

Original image..

Ordering online was easy. I simply chose the product and size from the easy to navigate website, uploaded the image (which had already been checked for size and was converted from RAW to a 240dpi JPEG with no compression). Once uploaded, a preview is shown so that you can check that the image fits the size and orientation of the product that you want. After that, it was a matter of adding to my basket and checking out via secure payment. Postage was added at EUR 9.96 (£8.75). As soon as the order was completed I received an email with a receipt and confirmation.

3 days later, I received another email to inform me that the print had been done and was being shipped using DPD, the email provided a one click link to track the order. Shipping was on a Thursday and pleasingly, delivery was on the following Monday morning – so a 7 day turnaround from order to delivery which included the weekend. It was packaged well in cardboard and the print itself was protected inside with plastic and foam so no issues of damage.

So, the finished product itself..

As I mentioned, I chose to test the Zor-Alu at 60cm x 40cm. This product is 3mm thick and is made up of 2 thin sheets of aluminium and a low density core polythene, the image is directly printed onto the aluminium with a flat matt/satin finish.

So what does this all actually equate to?

This means that the product is very strong, durable and incredibly lightweight. The print surface being matt/satin means that it doesn’t suffer from those pesky reflections that you can get from high gloss when place near a window or when the lights come on meaning that there is no glare at all. Another benefit from the finish is that unlike glossy and shiny prints, it won’t end up speckled in fingerprints. The print is also water resistant so it can be used indoors or outdoors.

But what abut the actual quality of the print for the low price?

Excellent! The colour reproduction is spot on and the print is very sharp. I’ve had high gloss aluminium printing done in the past at over 3 times the price, and this is equal in terms of reproduction. The best part for me is the matt/satin finish. It really can be put anywhere and enjoyed, as no reflections mean that you can see the whole picture from almost any angle and I’d liken it to a canvas only thinner, lighter and sharper.

The finished Zor-Alu product.. pictured in a living room and not a studio so that you can see that there are no reflections other than the slightest of shine on the blacks due to the matt finish, but this does not affect the actual colour which is a true, jet black.

There's no hanging kit supplied, but they recommend and also sell 3M Hanging Strips. These are small strips that stick to the back of the print and then stick it to any surface whether painted, varnished, wooden, metal, tile or glass. Then when you want to take it down or move it, the strips come off the surface with no messy residue. This means that the print will sit flush against the surface it’s mounted on without sticking out or being at a slight angle due to hooks.


Would I recommend for printing? Yes
Have they kept to their promise of high quality? Yes
Have they honoured their belief of providing high quality at affordable prices? Most definitely, even with P&P the cost is still at least a third the price of many well known companies.

So next time you consider a print for your wall make sure that you click here for and their range of products – the Aluminium Dibond is a great way to display a photograph at a very good price.