January 2018

So as 2017 closes and we go into 2018, I thought it would be a good idea to start a monthly blog.

2017 started off as looking to be a mediocre year with the event/race calendar booked along with other work. Travel was going to be a big thing and the first job took me to he South of France just after New Year. The next trip was to Mumbai – I’d never been to India before but have now spent several weeks in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and the Kerala region. What a fantastic place India is! The cities are crazy – busy streets with interesting driving, but full of people, colour and great smells..I’d recommend the country to anyone who likes travel and different cultures, but do savour and experience the real India rather than spend time lying on a beach in the usual tourist areas, you’ll get so much more out of it. After January, work really kicked in which would see me spending so much time away from home. 2017 allowed me to visit and work in some incredible places:

Sri Lanka
Cape Town
San Francisco
Napa and Sonoma
Washington DC

This has meant a lot of time in hotels and airports with a total of 47 flights covering 114,000 miles in the air!

Domestically, I worked on some fantastic events and shoots, most notable the Hope 24 and inaugural Hope 12 Trail races in Devon. These events are organised by two good friends Danny and Pete and the atmosphere is the best of any event I’ve shot – even when the mud and rain takes over and gets into every space you could imagine.

Work was varied, the vast majority being marathons and triathlons but some great opportunities to shoot P1 World Powerboats, Promo shoots in Mumbai, San Francisco and The English Half Marathon. I’ve also been privileged to shoot Atlantic Grey Seal pups on the English Coast and travel images in Sri Lanka, India, and the USA. My favourite image of the year was selected to be featured and published in the latest Rough Guides Travel Photography Book "You Are Here" and I guest blogged for Wex Photographic on the subject of travel photography and what gear to consider. I met some great people and made some great new friends as well as meeting some sporting heroes such as Paula Radcliffe, David Rodisha, Mike Powell and the Ultra Marathon Man himself – Dean Karnazes.


So, 2018 has now started and the year looks to be just as busy but maybe a little less travel (although a road trip vacation in California beckons in a few weeks). Again, the majority of work behind the camera and in the office will centre around marathons and triathlons but I am also looking forward to a wedding shoot at the beginning of March – something different but it’ll be nice to get the creative head on. The push this year will also be to shoot more promo/production images, this is where my passion lies as it makes me think and consider each shot so that it hits the brief that the customer wants. This sort of work is technically more challenging at times both during the shoot and also post process, but it’s the most satisfying.

So I’ll sign off for now, but please remember to check back soon, Follow and Share on the FB page and, if you or someone you know need some great photographs for any purpose just click on the ‘Contact Page’. Some of my work has been made available for a wide range of products including wall art, phone/tablet/laptop cases, mugs, cushions and bags and can be seen and purchased at Red Bubble